Happy New Year, I can't and won't start with New Year New You bull*hit, but instead if like me you have over indulged during the festive period and want to get your skin back to a optimal state of health and glow here's are few simple points of what you can do.

Just before you continue to read, your not allowed to be hard on yourself, this is what Christmas is for and I hope you enjoyed the treats, the wine the cheese.


1. Firstly let's start on the inside. Detox that liver, the skin won't fully detox if the liver is need of a cleanse, Marie Reynolds, Liver Rescue is the job for this.

2. Increase your water intake and decrease some of the caffeine!

3. Reinstate your skincare routine and be thorough, get back to proper skin cleansing am and pm for a full minute, double cleanse if you have make up on.  

4. Exfoliate, lift off some of the build up of the dead skin but do it gently - No hard apricot kernel grains EVER. Try a double action product like Yonka Gommage or Image Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Mask to help with surface hydration and exfoliation all in one!


5. If you are going to be consistent with this new routine, it need to be sharp effective and to the point no fluffing around with cotton pads or trying to maintain and 10 step morning routine.


My suggested home routine is always simple

AM                                 PM

1.Cleanse                     Cleanse/ Double cleanse if needed

2.Serum                       Treatment Cream or Serum

3. SPF                          Hydrator if required

Once you get that much established then you can look at adding in more exciting skincare steps, everything from Masking, Pore Clearouts, home rolling, jade rolling the list is endless.